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These cats are off to the markets to be killed for eating & skinded along with our best friends the dog. The fur and meat industry mistreats & kills over 50 million animals for the fashion and meat industries each year. This mainly happens in China because shockingly they have no laws that forbid cruelty to our wildlife.

Sometimes these animal are killed in full sight of people as the above photo illustrates.

This cat is hauled out of this cage and is to be killed while alive and chopped up & eaten at this restaurant.

These photo shows the skins of both animals & dogs being sold for the fashion industry to prospective buyers in large warehouses. They often get exported to well known fashion companies. The majority of the general public do not know that the material of their clothing contains our beloved pets.

The photos above shows the severity of this humane behaviour as well as the picture below. The top picture is that of a slaughter house. You can see that the live dogs in the picture are looking at what will happen to them. The picture below is showing the animals captured & awaiting their cruel fate.

A truck carrying approximately 700 dogs believed to be taken from Thailand & shipped across the Mekong river. They are then off to the Thanh Hao Province which shares the border with Laos.

This happens twice a week.

The governments of these countries must be made accountable for there actions.

Help support organisations that help prevent the cruelty to animals.

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