Owning a reptile for the first time can be a mind-boggling process with all its technicalities, however at Fine Pets we are here on site happy and ready to assist you with any reptile enquires, whether you're a novice or experienced reptile handler.   



















  • Natural Reptile Desert Sand

Premium quality reptile sand, perfect for tanks. 



  • SNAKE CHIPS- Ideal for any tank and any snake-Assists with odor control and mess.

This is a must have for any snake owner. 


  • CRITTER CRUMBS: $19.00 per bag




Reptile one Basic Glass terrariums.


However a good deal for first-time reptile owners would be our Reptile Starter Kits with both Rainforest and Desert Habitat in stock, This is a complete reptile start up kit. 


NEW IN: Larger range of reptile landing docks and hiding rocks!

-See in store for best price-




  • Glow Light- Porcelain Clamp Lamp + Glow reflector 
  • $49.99



Turtle Bank-Magnetic floating island 

  • MEDIUM- $44.99
  • LARGE- $54.99



Repti-Rock Reservoir 

  • $15.99




Are an essential for reptile tanks as they increase temperature by providing infrared heat waves, this way your reptile's normal activity is not disturbed. Can be used for both night and day time. 

We stock edison and bayonet fittings and we have 40W, 60W, 75W, 100W and 150W.   



Our most popular selling light- Like the heating light it is essential for your reptile's functioning and overall wellbeing. Therefore it is only nessecary that we stock a wide vareity of these lights, we have all the types you could possibly need for your reptile. Combine this product with natural light (see UVA lighting) or Reptile vision for optimal visual light output.

We stock the following:

  • Intense UVB- For reptiles with very high UVB requirements. (See in store for special assistance) 
  • Tropical UVB-For all tropical and sub-tropical reptiles.
  • Desert UVB-For all desert dwelling reptiles.   

We stock lights with the following light wattage:

  • 13W
  • and 25W

As mentioned earlier we are more then happy to help you choose the correct light fitting for your reptile as your reptile's health is of great importance to us at Fine Pets.   


UVA LIGHTING (natural light)



Is a full spectrum light globe, well known for stimulating plant growth and increasing a reptiles appetite, activity and reproductive behaviour through UVA radiation. A great addition to any reptile tank. 

We stock both 13W and 25W globes.   





This product is designed for an enviroment that requires a HIGH heat UVA. Simliar to the natural lighting globes it provides Vitamin 3d, prevents or reverses metabolic bone diesease, commonly seen in captive lizards. As it is a tube form it would be ideal for larger tanks. However handle with caution as it does emit ultraviolet rays and should be used for reptiles only.   



We stock the main two types of ceramic both the flat headed light and the subulate light. The flatheaded light is ideal for channeling a concentrated amount of heat and the subulate will heat the whole tank depending on its size. A revolutionary feature of this light is that it can also be used with ill and weakened mammals and some ornamental birds. This light produces intense heat and retains it excellently due to it's convoluted form. We stock 60W, 100W and 150W





A great addition to any reptile tank the purple globe recreates moonlight for your reptiles which aids nocturnal behaviour-interesting to view and as an added benefit the globe emits heat. Perfect globe to allow your reptile adjust to a day and night cycle, replicating their natural habitat. 

We stock 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W.   



Not only is it a safe haven for your reptile when it is scared, but did you know these can also provide a cooler enviroment for your reptile? We highly recommended that you have one of these in your tank as is contributes to your reptiles wellbeing-If you were scared of the strange humans looking at you through your tank you may want to hide too  

We stock many styles to suit your tank size and the enviroment/decor of your tank, just ask in store.   



Much like the cave hideaways we stock a large variety of water bowls of all shapes and sizes to suit your tank and reptiles requirements. Ours are easy to clean and made from non-porous and non-toxic resin which prevents the development of potentially fatal bacteria-Important aspects to take into consideration when purchasing items which nourish your reptile. 







We currently stock ReptaProbeThermoStat which has a probe for the most accurate temperature measuring and control of temperature. This product makes temperature control a whole lot easier -all you have to do is plug the heating appliance into the control unit and dial in the temperature for instant temperature regulation. 

Temperature range: 0-40 degrees celsius

Accuracy: +/- 1 degree

Max Load: 2000 Watts  



Improves digestion, metabolism and activity of reptiles-not to mention helps replicate your reptiles natural habitat. It can be placed anywhere in your tank, even on the walls, however it cannot be larger than a third of your tank as the reptile needs to cool down too. 


Also be weary of covering your tank with too much substrate as this can prevent the release of heat or even worse, burn and injure your pet. The maximum amount of substrate which can be used to cover the mat is approximately 2 cms thick.   






To ensure your reptiles safety in its enclosure a globe cover would be ideal to prevent your reptile from burning themselves on the very hot globes that you have installled. Furthermore these covers protect the light itself from becoming damaged from any debris or movement in the tank. 



We currently stock the ReptaLedEdisonFitting which comes in 250V. 






We stock handling equipment for all levels of snake handlers-from beginner to novice. 

Ask in store for extra assistance. 
















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