Unbeknownst to many people who are free to enjoy the comfort of their own home, many bears are crammed within a small cage, hardly bigger than their own body. This is their home. Being woken up as they are dragged out of their cage, soaked in faeces and urine, to where their own hellish torture awaits them. This is their reality for years to come, until their death which is of course induced by the vast amount of psychological and physical trauma they’ve endured. This is the cold and harsh reality of the “Bear bile extraction trade”, a ruthless and brutal scheme implemented for the sake of traditional medicine. A common practice in Vietnam, thousands of bears who would have otherwise lived a healthy and fulfilling life in the wild are, “harvested” for their bile. This involves the bears having cords pierced into the flesh of their stomach as their own bile is sucked out into a machine. Thousands of bear endure this each year and are disposed of at the command of the barbaric people who run such trades. 




These bears are so voiceless, helpless and suffering endlessly as they are shackled and restrained within their cages, suffering disease, heat stroke, and unthinkable disorders as their forced immobile state causes their muscles to deteriorate at a rapid rate, many do not recover fully. Famished and dehydrated, the bear’s only contact with other forms of life are with those who torture them for their body’s bile. 


It is a disgusting and cruel act. Taking from those who do not have the voice or power to fend for themselves.   

The only good news about this is you can do something to help this crime come to an end. Raise awareness by telling your family and friends about the cruelty that brown bears face everyday. Look up reliable websites who petition against Brown Bear Bile extraction and donate to causes who act against such a horrific trade. 













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