& Theres A Shark In My Soup


Shark fin soup is a chinese cuisine & one of chinas favourite soup dishes which is now loved the world over. The soup has been around for years & consumed by many people. The dish is considered as a "celebration soup" but, so many sharks have been hunted & killed simply for this dish.

It may not sound like a big deal to you yet but here is a real eye opener to sea lovers & everyone else, upto 70million + sharks are killed each year just for their fins thats right just for their fins. Its surprising that this many sharks are being killed simply for their fins, this number is excluding the sharks that are being killed for other dishes such as flake, grilled shark, fish balls, fish slice & so on. Fins of the shark makes the most profit out of all shark meat.


Do you know what happens to majority of the sharks that are captured & have there fins cut off? They are thrown back into the ocean as waste. Some of them are still alive when this happens & either die of suffocation or being eaten by other sharks. Fins are a great catch for fisherman because they do not take up any room on a boat at all compared to a whole shark meaning more profit for those fin hunters in the process as they can hunt & do so in big batches of bulk.

Eating the fins is ridiculous due to the fact that shark fin has been proven not to have very little if any nutritional value to human beings at all. The shark fin simply provides texture to the dish but not taste so is it really worth killing off our sea creatures for a part of their body for consumption which is not even relevant to us anyway? I dont think so but of course there are those that will defintely disagree.


Many shark species are beginning to become extinct from our sea life & it is not looking as though that is going to end anytime soon or at all for that matter. In 2009 the worlds population of sharks had decreased from 50% to 75% & to think the numbers could not get any lower but than again that just may happen, it should not be a surprise to anyone if it does at the rate this is going at.

Sharks by most people are looked at as evil creatures that maybe deserve this punishment which is the best term for it but even one would have to agree that

this is very very wrong. Killing off our wildlife for a part of them simply because the word delicacy best describes that specific part is just absolutely outrageous. The hunting & slaughter of sharks just to attain their fins must end, not just because their fins are irrelevant to us but also because were killing off a race of wildlife which is anything we should help keep it around for as long as possible, not kill it off

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