Shameless Bloodshed of Calderon Dolphins


There is serious bloodshed occuring at a small fishing village at the Feroe Island near Denmark. It is causing an extinction of the Calderon Dolphins & the Dolphin race in general.

A Sea of Dolphin blood has become a regular occurance now & it has to stop. Mainly young teenage boys are the sole perpetrator`s of this disgusting unnatural violence.


Do you ask why is this happening? The answer is that the boys simply want to show that they are grown matured men, this is a way of showing & prooving this to their communities & families. Other sources say it is a great food supply to stock up for the winter months ahead.





This un thought of, inhuman violence has everyone participating in it whether they are killing, supporting the young men or just simply watching the carnage.


These dolphins unfortunately meet violent ends to their peaceful happy lives. The dolphins come to shore wanting to play & interact with who ever is present at that location in just a friendly manner. It just isnt right when they are being killed & making crying sounds that similar to an infant child.

One of the other reasons as to why these dolphins have very fatal ends to their short lives is because they do not die instantly. They are cut up to 3 times or more with very thick steel sharp hooks. They also die slowly before everyones eyes as they smile. It is a sickening act

 Dolphins dont need to be your favourite sea creature. But wildlife lover or not you know that this should not happen. You know that this isn`t right.




This picture clearly illustrates just as to how these dolphins are killed with the hooks savagedly.

These young men obviously have some mental issues due to the fact that they believe its the right path to manhood


The 'International Whaling Commision' will not act on this issue saying that these whales are simply to small to be taken care of by them. This is a poor excuse not to act on it especially when upto 150+ whales are being killed each week in this massacre. 

 This picture shows the end of their carnage for the day.


A number of website & chain letters are going all over the world wide web to help end this violence. Many people have responded to this & nothing has changed on this topic.


Hopefully some day for the dolphins of our oceans & seas, the bloodshed will end & help save one of our best loved sea creatures from extinction

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